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Cell voltage monitor kit for H2 fuel-cell stack research and applications can be used to prevent damage to individual cells, to monitor lifetime conditions, and to ensure optimal working conditions in applications.

Cell voltage monitor kits are complete sets ready to use in your special application. They can be connected directly to a PC with USB interface or to a PLC using RS485 bus.

If these variants do not suit you, please contact us, we offer customized solutions!

Variants of CVM24P: CVM-Ext24P
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  • 24 channels per one CVM24P module
  • Basic channel voltage range ±5 V
  • Maximum voltage span of channels on one module is 38 V
  • Multiple modules can be chained to get more channels
  • Resolution 1 mV (24-bit)
  • Input impedance > 1 GΩ
  • Scan rate up to 1 kHz (depending on cell count and bus speed)
  • Cell connection via 26-pin IDC connectors
  • IO (1x digital output, 1x digital input)
  • Communication: CAN bus, RS-485, USB


  • H2 fuel-cell tests stands
  • H2 fuel-cell application monitoring
  • FC Stack control systems

System Modularity:

Cell voltage monitoring system consists of:

  • One power and communication module KMS-PWR
  • Number of 24-channel modules CVM24P, depending on number of channels needed

There are kits available with 48, or 120 channels, which can be extended by an extension kit with 24 channels.

Cell Voltage Monitor CVM-Ext24P Includes:

  • 1x CVM24P (1x KMS-PWR integrated)
  • 2x XC2 bus plug
  • 2x IDC plug for channels
  • 4x spacers
  • 1x enclosure extension

Cell Voltage Monitor CVM-Kit48P Includes:

  • 1x KMS-PWR
  • 2x CVM24P
  • 1x Power supply 110-230V/24V
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x XC2 bus cable
  • 4x IDC plug for channels
  • 8x spacers
  • 1x enclosure
  • DIN holder

Cell Voltage Monitor CVM-Kit120P Includes:

  • 1x KMS-PWR
  • 5x CVM24P
  • 1x Power supply 110-230V/24V
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x XC2 bus cable
  • 10x IDC plug for channels
  • 20x spacers
  • 1x enclosure
  • DIN holder

Technical Specifications of CVM24P module:

  • Power supply: ...38V DC / 1.5 W max with Power supply module KMS-PWR
  • Dimensions: 85 x 58 x 13.5 mm one module (without enclosure & connector plugs). 89 x 60 x 16 mm one module (with enclosure, without plugs)
  • Mounting: 4x mounting hole 2.7mm, hex spacers with M2.5 thread
  • Channel count (User configurable): 1 – 24 channels with single module. Modules can be chained
  • Channel voltage range: ±5 V
  • Input voltage span: Max. 38 V per one module
  • Input impedance: > 1 GΩ
  • Isolation: < 2.5 kV between channels and XC2 bus + power supply. Additional isolation can be provided by isolating bus segments
  • Sampling: All-channel sample rate up to 500 sps
  • Measurement resolution: 24-bit ADC, 1 uV (for channel voltage range of ±5 V)
  • Accuracy: 0.02% of range + 0.05% of reading
  • Connection XC2 bus (5V power + RS485 communication)
  • Isolated IOs:
    • o Input: Voltage range: 0…30 V (5 V…0.85 mA; 24 V…4.90 mA). Max. low-level threshold: < 3 V. Min. high-level threshold: > 4 V
    • o Output: Nominal output voltage: 24 V. Max. output current: 3 mA
    • o Isolation Min. 500 V

Example of connection:

CVM-Ext24P: Diagram of connection to the stack.

CVM-Kit48P: Diagram of connection to the stack.

CVM-Kit120P: Diagram of connection to the stack.


24 months limited hardware warranty

2147483647 Items

Data sheet

It contains 1x CVM-24, 24 additional channels 1x output, 1x input 24V, RS-485, USB
It contains power source KMS-PWR, 2x CVM-24P: 48 channels total, 2x output, 2x input 24V.RS-485, USB
It contains power source KMS-PWR, 5x CVM-24P: 120 channels total, 5x output, 5x input 24V. RS-485, USB

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